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                    State Administration of Grain, an administrative body directly under the National Development and Reform Commission, is in charge of handling concrete businesses of national grain distribution macro-control, guiding the nationwide grain sector and administrating China’s central grain reserves.
                    Main Responsibilities of the State Administration of Grain:
                    Entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Administration is committed upon investigation to put forward medium and long term strategies of macro-control and adjustment, overall supply and demand balancing and the country’s grain distribution system, plans for import and export and proposals for procurement and storage, as well as the drawing on of the national grain reserve stock. It is also committed to draft reform program for the national grain distribution system, and to undertake the implementation of such program.
                    To draw up drafts for laws and statutes, relevant policies, rules and regulations for nationwide grain distribution and grain reserves management, and supervise their implementations; work out plans for the construction of national grain distribution, storage and processing facilities and submit for approval of those large and middle scale projects above norm according to the well-established procedures, and to propose frame-work for grain purchase price as well as procurement protective price and marketing price limit.
                    To work in coordination with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to manage the grain quality standards; formulate technical norms for grain storage, handling and transportation, and supervise their implementations.
                    To guide the management of the whole nation’s grain sector and its vocational training, guide and promote its technical transformations and new technology extensions as well as its overseas exchanges and cooperation. In addition, it is also responsible for the grain sector’s statistical work.
                    To formulate technical norms for management of the national grain reserves and supervise its implementation, and propose upon investigation the size, overall layout of the central grain reserves and plans for procurement, marketing, import and export of the central grain reserves’ stock for ensuring its quantity, quality and safety. It is also committed to provide guidance to the business of China Grain Reserves Corporation.
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